BAHAMAS: ALIV Engages for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer remains the most common of all cancers in the UK

More than two million women have breast cancer screenings a year in the UK

The countrys fight against breast cancer has received another big financial boost, thanks to bed manufacturer Sealy New Zealand and the skills of four high-profile designers.The country's fight against breast cancer has received another big financial boost, thanks to bed manufacturer Sealy New Zealand and the skills of four high-profile designers.

"Genetic counselling can be very helpful for those who have a strong family history of breast cancer".

"I call them and motivate them".

"If I feel anything on my body, I rush to the doctor. And, that kind of eased my mind...because he shared his personal experience with me and that made a difference with my treatment".

ZADHR orders Magaya to retract HIV/Aids cure claims
The office of a Zimbabwean preacher, Walter Magaya , who claimed to have discovered the cure for HIV/AIDS has been raided by police.

For students, staff or alumni that wish to support breast cancer research but are not comfortable donating money online, they can use social media to showcase their support. The earliest breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the chance of successful treatment.

The researchers admitted, however, that their study has some limitations due to some variability among studies, and that since most of the studies were conducted in North America and Europe, the findings may not be generalized to women in other regions of the world.

"(Everyone was) trying to do too much ... sometimes you just have to say "back off, I'm okay". Less than 1 percent of all breast cancer cases occur in men, but according to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, there will be about 2,550 new cases among men in the United States this year, and roughly 480 deaths. "It was something we could do to raise awareness and let people know we are supporting them".

They analyzed the results of 15 studies evaluating the association between processed meat and breast cancer incidence, which included data from 37,070 breast cancer cases in more than 1.2 million women.

Both parties in frenzied final push before U.S. elections
But a healthy economy tends to favour the incumbent - and the United States economy has been growing with rare vigour. White women with college degrees align by a 61 to 33 percent margin with Democrats.

The organisation also added that the majority of deaths (296 000) occur in low-and middle-income countries, where most women with breast cancer are diagnosed late due to lack of awareness and poor access to health services.

Family and friends should also be aware that survivors' support needs may change over time. Key moments when their needs may shift include when they shift from one type of treatment to the next, such as from surgery to chemotherapy, or when they have completed all of their prescribed breast cancer treatments.

So the initiative by Zimpapers, of raising awareness through the Cancer Walk remains of paramount importance in fighting all forms of cancers and Dr Makarawo believes such initiatives by corporates are important in bridging the knowledge gap.

METAvivor is a non-profit organization in which 100% of donations goes to funding MBC (Stage IV metastatic breast cancer) specific research grants.

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