Breast Cancer is a Leading Cause of Deaths Among Women

The team from'Z who have been fundraising for this event throughout their petrol stations around Tauranga

The team from'Z who have been fundraising for this event throughout their petrol stations around Tauranga

Waugh added that having Dr. Scarpinato in the Breast Center completed the check list for care oriented towards the patient. Proceeds will help support early detection, education, support services, and research for those affected by breast cancer. She is also, involved in community outreach and breast health education.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity for our newspapers to share the stories of how local communities come together to battle breast cancer, and herald those suffering for the spirit needed to fight this disease during their hard journey to good health.

One in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

While previously located in different buildings and locations, The Breast Center relocation now provides patients with more convenient breast care from SOMC radiologists, surgeons, oncologists and breast care specialists.

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The model has been tested using the Breast Cancer database available on the machine learning repository maintained by the University of California in the USA. If you notice any bumps or lumps, do not panic, most of the lumps or tumors are usually benign but you should take precautions. The Bureau will be partnering with some business houses on island and the Cancer Society to conduct employees how to examine their breasts.

The study authors followed 295 of these high-risk women and thanks to semiannual MRIs were able to detect 17 breast cancers at an early stage before reaching the lymph nodes.

The risk of breast cancer increases with increasing age.

".It's important for women to have a baseline with getting screened for a mammogram and any woman over age 40 should meet with their provider and discuss when to begin breast cancer screening and when they should have a mammogram". Breast Cancer Awareness month is an effort to bring awareness and to educate on symptoms as well as treatment regarding breast cancer. Before a breast MRI, you receive an injection of dye.

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However, what is alarming is that about 85 percent of breast cancers occur in women with no family history of breast cancer.

The idea is to determine your lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

St. John's hospitals offer the latest in breast imaging technology, breast tomosynthesis.

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