UPMC confirms 3 suspected cases of rare disease that paralyzes children

The reported IL cases are preliminary diagnoses and only the U.S. Centers for Disease Control can confirm the diagnosis, according to Arnold. Instead, doctors just focus on alleviating symptoms as best they can.

The CDC recommends getting children vaccinated against the poliovirus, as well as protecting against bites from mosquitos (which carry the West Nile virus).

The six Minnesota children are all 10 and younger and are in the Twin Cities, central and northeastern Minnesota.

However, a person can catch a virus from someone that leads to AFM.

We've been reporting about the polio-like illness affecting two children here in Chicago, nine in northern IL and others across the country, but how concerned should parents be about the spread to their children?

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And in 2018 alone, 38 new cases of AFM in 16 states across the country were confirmed by the CDC.

Most of the eight cases of the illness reported in Texas are in the northern part of the state. "We're working closely with medical providers and public health agencies". AFM can cause a range of types and severity of symptoms, but the commonality among them is a loss of strength or movement in one or more arms or legs.

The doctor says there is no need to panic and there's no vaccine for the disease. But those aren't the only signs: Other symptoms can include eyelid or facial drooping, difficulty moving the eyes, difficulty swallowing and slurred speech, according to the state health department.

The CDC says it got information on 362 cases of the illness in the US from August 2014 through August 2018. It is actively investigating AFM cases, and trying to unearth more information about the mysterious condition.

With research, doctors are trying to figure out if AFM is coming from the same enterovirus family, but not every child diagnosed with AFM has the virus.

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Much is still unknown about AFM and often, a cause for AFM can not be identified.

The condition is rare, with only 1 in 1 million people in the United States contracting the disease, according to the CDC.

In 2016, there were nine cases of AFM in Washington and three in 2017.

While there is no cure, health experts say you should take preventative measures including washing your hands or coughing into your elbow.

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