Treating e-cigarettes like cigarettes can misguide research, policy

More Evidence That E-Cig Use Leads to Smoking

Vapers ask govt to consider UK Parliament report

However, due to a lack of national monitoring of e-cigarettes, and keeping in mind that not everyone reports an injury, the researchers - led by Dr. Matthew Rossheim - believe that figure has been underestimated and that more people are harmed in some way by an e-cigarette.

Emphasising that there are enough differences between cigarettes and especially newer-generation devices, to show that they are not interchangeable nicotine delivery systems, Olonoff noted that research on e-cigarettes should be very different from that on traditional cigarettes. The article also stated that some e-cigarettes that say they are nicotine-free actually still contain the substance. In its Tobacco Control Plan 2017-2022, the United Kingdom government stated its intention to support consumers in stopping smoking and adopting the use of less harmful nicotine products, particularly e-cigarettes.

For this study, more than 2,000 youth in California completed three surveys over a three-year-period, allowing researchers to model e-cigarette and cigarette use from ages 16 to 20.

E-cigarettes are allowed in areas where cigarettes are prohibited.

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The association between use of the e-cigarettes and cigarettes was stronger than associations between other youth risk behaviors, such as marijuana and alcohol use, and later vaping and smoking.

"Teens could potentially be getting addicted to something unsafe and harmful to their health", Olonoff said. Regardless, using e-cigarettes and vaping still isn't healthy.

The teen-friendly marketing and technology offered in e-cigarettes makes them more attractive than traditional cigarettes.

The Penn State study also said that the vapor that is exhaled by e-cigarette users has carcinogens in it, which is a risk to those nearby.

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E-cigarettes have been commercially available since the mid-2000s.

The findings appeared in the Journal of Nicotine & Tobacco Research. Olonoff's commentary encourages researchers to use these for consistency across all research. The technology has been advancing rapidly, which makes it almost impossible to set up-to-date policy initiatives.

Some lithium-ion batteries found in e-cigarettes can be defective and have been known to explode or catch fire, and in doing so they can cause third-degree burns; loss of tongue, teeth, or eyes; lacerations; and death.

When e-cigarettes were introduced, marketing campaigns suggested they could be used to curb cigarette use.

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