Ticketmaster partners with scalpers to rip you off, two undercover reporters say

Ticketmaster recruits scalpers to promote resale business, undercover investigation reports

New report on concert ticket resellers is a PR nightmare for Ticketmaster

This investigation was sparked by Ticketmaster's previous attempts to sue groups that used bots to hoard live event tickets with intent to resell, which had brought Ticketmaster under fire for allegedly supplying scalpers with bot software themselves.

Any music fan knows scalping is a huge issue, and this new, explosive CBC article demonstrates the extent to which Ticketmaster is partnering with professional ticket resellers and not just helping concertgoers sell extra seats to performances they can not attend.

Allegations about Ticketmaster working with scalpers emerged following a 2017 lawsuit the company filed, which claims three ticket brokering companies used bots to "improperly procure tickets for the objective of reselling them at a substantial profit".

Another sales rep said he couldn't think of anyone that didn't use multiple accounts because you "can't make a living on just eight tickets".

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Undercover journalists attended a Las Vegas sales convention during the summer, at which they said they were introduced to the TradeDesk "professional re-seller program" while carrying hidden recording devices.

"They have a secret scalper program that they don't talk about in any corporate reports", CBC investigative reporter Dave Seglins said. "With the click of a button, scalpers can hike or drop prices on reams of tickets on Ticketmaster's site based on their assessment of fan demand".

In an explosive plot twist of M. Night Shayamalan proportions, it turns out Ticketmaster may have been secretly working with scalpers to rip us off this whole time!

"We're not trying to build a better mousetrap".

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Another benefit of Trade Desk is that it means they can have as many accounts as they want to purchase these tickets.

But in the first part of the CBC/Toronto Star investigation, published Tuesday, the journalists asserted that resold tickets are "particularly lucrative" for Ticketmaster, because the company reportedly profits from two separate sets of charges collected from the same ticket. They said Ticketmaster pitched them TradeDesk and caught a company representative on camera explaining that the "buyer abuse" team will look the other way.

In January, Live Nation settled a lawsuit centered on allegations by a live-music ticketing company that Ticketmaster had engaged in anti-competitive behavior and committed antitrust violations.

The company had already begun an internal review of our professional reseller accounts and employee practices to ensure that our policies are being upheld by all stakeholders. "We don't monitor that at all". We also do not determine when tickets are available for purchase or how they are allocated - those decisions are communicated to us by our client, the venue, after consultation with the event presenter. We do not condone the statements made by the employee as the conduct described clearly violates our terms of service.

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