Free mobile phone roaming 'not guaranteed' with a no-deal Brexit

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A more surprising casualty of a no-deal Brexit, considering the United Kingdom plans to remain in the European Space Agency (ESA), is work on the Copernicus Earth monitoring programme.

The government made the concession in new guidance it has issued in relation to the potential impact of a "no deal" scenario on the competition regime in the UK.

He added: "We can mitigate by taking a "continuity" approach, recognizing certain EU-approved goods for import into the UK".

The guidance from the British government is a stark reminder that there is precious little time left for the negotiators to come up with a deal that does not leave the United Kingdom fiddling with toy rockets while the European Union carries on regardless.

However, British citizens would be saved from hefty mobile roaming charges, the United Kingdom government promised.

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Britain is due to leave the bloc on March 29 but has yet to reach a full exit deal with Brussels, and some rebels lawmakers in Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party have threatened to vote against any agreement unless she changes her proposals.

The credit ratings agency said that the risk of a no-deal Brexit had "risen materially".

"What we have said is we would like to see other companies following suit, but, in any event, we would legislate for a limit on roaming charges to make sure in a no-deal scenario that we protect British consumers".

The EU directive which capped the prices mobile phone operators could charge each other will no longer apply to the United Kingdom after Brexit.

"If no deal is reached, motorists planning on taking their auto to European Union countries after 29th March 2019 may be required to apply for one or possibly two different International Driving Permits (IDPs)".

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Driving licenses (document here) - "Your driving licence may no longer be valid by itself when driving in the European Union." .

"And even in the event of a no-deal Brexit, it's not to say there will be nothing done".

"Businesses subject to an ongoing antitrust investigation should take independent legal advice on how to comply with any ongoing investigation of the European Commission and/or the Competition and Markets Authority (or the relevant United Kingdom regulator)", it said.

They also claimed the British government could be forced to depend on the United States for asteroid warnings - as the UK will be booted out of the EU Space Surveillance and Tracking programme.

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