Russian Federation launches biggest ever war games

Russia stages world’s largest military drills, NATO worried

Russia launches largest military drill since Cold War

"Massive" mock airstrikes and missile defence procedures will then take place on Thursday, said Chief of Staff General Valery Gerasimov.

The Russian army has compared the show of force to the USSR's 1981 war games that saw between 100,000 and 150,000 Warsaw Pact soldiers take part in "Zapad-81" (West-81) - the largest military exercises of the Soviet era.

Russian Federation is preparing to hold its largest military drills in nearly 40 years beginning Tuesday in eastern Siberia.

"The fact that the drill is vastly greater in size than previous exercises in the same location is also part of the natural progression of Russia's practice for war", Giles said.

"The maneuvers are aimed at deterring the aggressive intentions of the USA and NATO", Ret. Gen. Leonid Ivashov said.

He was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying that the drills were "also a response to the U.S. sanctions".

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"Involved in the exercise will be the Eastern and Central military districts, the Northern Fleet, Airborne Troops, and long-range and military transport aircraft, as well as command centers and forces of China's and Mongolia's armed forces". "I see little in the long term that aligns Russian Federation and China". Chinese President Xi Jinping will be in Russian Federation this week to meet with President Vladimir Putin at an economic forum in Russia's far eastern city of Vladivostok. President Vladimir Putin treated Xi to pancakes with caviar and shots of vodka in a show of their warm rapport.

Some experts pointed out the USA helped spawn closer Russia-China military ties by labelling them strategic competitors.

The demonstration of military might will include some joint exercises with the Chinese army.

The Russian 9K720 Iskander missile system carrier.

"I see little in the long term that aligns Russian Federation and China", he said.

The Chinese media described the country's involvement as its largest-ever dispatch of forces overseas for war games.

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Some noted that the People's Liberation Army, which hasn't fought a war since the attempted invasion of Vietnam in 1979, is keen to learn from Russia's experience in the Syrian campaign, where it tested its latest weapons and tactics. "If Russia had not invited China, that would have been viewed by Beijing as a potentially risky activity by Russia".

Song Zhongping, a Hong Kong-based military commentator, said Beijing, which regards the defence of its sovereignty over most of the South China Sea and the self-ruled island of Taiwan as core interests, needed to strengthen its capabilities in preparation for possible real-life military conflicts.

Part of Russia's response has been to increase the number of large-scale military exercises across the globe in an apparent bid to project power and ward off perceived Western aggression.

The drills kicked off close to Russia's border with China on Tuesday and will run through Saturday.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and European governments are eyeing the exercises closely, watching to see what they reveal about military co-operation between Russian Federation and China, and their mounting military might.

Considering Russia's recent behaviour, Europe and the United States could be forced into a position where war becomes inevitable, he said.

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"We have trustworthy ties in political, security and defence spheres", the Russian leader said.

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