News Corp Stands By Serena Williams Cartoon

Serena Williams didn't get it her own way in the US Open final where she was repeatedly penalised for various code

JULIO CORTEZ AP Serena Williams didn't get it her own way in the US Open final where she was repeatedly penalised for various code violations

Knight took aim at the 36-year-old tennis star after Williams' angry mid-match behaviour in her US Open final defeat on Saturday. If he's being honest about his work, then it's a good thing (or, honestly, a morally neutral thing) that he wasn't trying to argue that Williams was acting outrageously because she was black.

"I thought they went over the top".

"What I'm interested to know is have we heard from Serena Williams herself as to whether she's offended by it?" You owe me an apology. "You're a thief, too".

Others have pointed out that Osaka was portrayed as petit woman with jet blonde straight hair, while in reality she has dark curly hair with blonde streaks and is taller than Williams.

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It's not the first time an Australian cartoonist has been widely condemned for racist depictions of people of colour. She was disqualified from a semifinal match at the 2009 US Open for threatening a lineswoman.

Meanwhile a Washington Post article said the cartoon used "dehumanising" facial features, while Brenna Edwards, a black journalist who reports on news and politics for Essence magazine in the U.S., told ABC News the picture "dates back to the Jim Crow era".

Later this week, it was no longer only Williams and Ramos being criticized for their conduct, but also an Australian cartoonist for his depiction of the incident.

Cartoonist Mark Knight put together a cartoon depicting Serena Williams acting like a child at the U.S. Open for Australia's Herald Sun.

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It came after the paper's editor, Damon Johnston, said the cartoon "rightly mocks poor behaviour by a tennis legend" and Mr Knight has the "has the full support of everyone" at the paper. Knight's cartoon conjures up a range of such caricatures that were branded on memorabilia and popularized on stage and screen of the era, including the minstrel-show character Topsy born out of "Uncle Tom's Cabin", as well as the title character in 1899's "Little Black Sambo". "Well, she does have her hair dyed blonde".

"What's odd is the assumption that cartoons are this innocent domain which has been overtaken by politically correct, left-wing types, when in fact cartoons have ALWAYS been vehicles for racist, colonial and nationalist themes". "It's getting harder to be a cartoonist in this insane anxious world - in this fragile angry humourless environment where leniency and understanding are in unsafe decline, and where psychic infections spread chaotically on social media with bad consequences".

"I can't undraw the cartoon. I'm not going to say, 'Oh, I can't draw that because that's a no-go area.' What does that say about the way the world's going?"

The Herald Sun reported Knight had suspended his Twitter account in response to abuse towards his family over the cartoon.

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