Apple announces Watch 4, will come with ECG, Fall detection and more

Image Source All Things How

Image Source All Things How

All the updates make it the fastest, biggest, most attractive wearable on the block.

The Apple Watch hasn't been a monster hit like the iPhone, but it's the world's best-selling smartwatch and is helping the company expand health-care related services. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to Apple Watch sales in 2016 as "off-the-charts" and sales during the 2017 holiday season as record-breaking.

To be extra clear, the Apple Watch Series 4 is created to work with any existing wristbands.

It also comes with a new watch face and new inputs, such as contacts, for one-tap access.

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Series 4 packs a new optical heart sensor. The first is a notification when your heart rate is too low.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has electrodes on its back, allowing the user to take an electrocardiogram. The back of the Watch lets more cellular signals through, making calls clearer. Apple claims that Watch 4 will be the first device that can measure ECG and is available for over the counter purchase.

Basically, the point is that the chip can process 5 trillion operations per seconds. You can therefore take ECG readings yourself, which are stored in the Health app on your iPhone and could be useful by your doctor if there is anything wrong. The ECG has received FDA clearance, Apple says. The digital crown and single tactile button remains on the right side of the case. The back of the device is now made out of a ceramic material, which allows for better reception for the Global Positioning System and cellular radios. The bezels have all but disappeared, leaving room for all the information you could possibly want at a glance.

More complicated Apple Watch facesLook at all those options! Each one can be completely customized so you can focus on productivity, friends or health. You can glance at your fitness progress, calendar or flight plans.

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The Series 4 also includes a next-generation accelerometer and gyroscope combination, which enables a new feature on the device that allows it to detect when the wearer accidentally falls.

"You just won't believe the sound you get out of such a small device", Williams said.

The screen real estate is 35 percent larger on the 40mm Series 4 than on the 38mm Series 3. It contains a dual-core 64-bit processor. With cellular, it starts at $499.

The new devices will become available for preorder on Friday, Sept. 14.

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