2 new polls show sharp drops in Trump's approval, honesty, intelligence ratings

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While avoiding any mention of the special counsel's investigation into whether Trump's presidential campaign coordinated with Russia in the 2016 USA election, Carter said he has engaged for years with Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning the ongoing Syrian civil war. But as Trump's populist attacks against free trade have erupted into trade wars with China and US allies, trade tensions have overshadowed the tax cuts in economically vulnerable areas of the country that depend on exports.

There are sharp partisan splits on both questions, with about 8 in 10 Republicans calling it inappropriate for a White House official to act against the president.

Why it matters: House Republicans may pass the package this month, but the legislation has little chance of getting through the Senate, where it would need Democratic votes. It would lock in individual tax rate cuts well past the original expiration date of 2025.

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It has forecasted that parts of North Carolina could receive as much as up to one metre (40 inches) of rain. More than 2,000 Florida utility workers were also sent to help restore power after the storm hits.

In races for the US House of Representatives nationwide, American voters back Democratic candidates over Republicans by 52 to 38 per cent, the poll showed.

In a statement on Monday, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said: "With version 2.0 of the GOP tax scam for the rich, Republicans want to add even more to the deficit, and even more to the bank accounts of the wealthiest 1 percent".

"The economy booms, but President Donald Trump's numbers are a bust".

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Trump is touting the positive impact of tax cuts on jobs and the economy as he campaigns for Republicans ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Much of the economic boost from the 2017 law was tied to the reduction in the corporate rate and other business-focused provisions, he said. In the last three midterm elections - 2006, 2010, and 2014 - the party in the White House saw massive losses in Congress.

The measure also includes the controversial $10,000 annual cap for state and local tax deductions (SALT), a provision that's particularly unpopular in high-tax states like NY and New Jersey. "That's why a mix of making old stuff permanent and also pushing new good things is smart".

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Democrats, who opposed last year's bill, have also cast Republican tax cuts as a giveaway to big corporations and the rich that will lead to cuts in Social Security and Medicare, claims that Republicans deny.

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