Slough has one of the UK's lowest number of organ donors

Ten people on waiting list for life-saving organs in Denbighshire

Ten people on waiting list for life-saving organs in Denbighshire

One of the people whose life was saved was the Sheffield artist Pete McKee, who received Mr Piotr's liver.

The number of people waiting for a lung transplant has risen by 46% over the past five years, the latest figures show.

While the number of donors is rising and waiting lists are reducing, there are now 6,000 people waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant in the UK.

Although more people are supporting donation than ever, one in three families still decline to donate.

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The message portrayed was clear; "tick and tell"- people should tick "yes" to be an organ donor and talk about their wishes with family and friends so their close family are aware of their wish to be an organ donor.

Experts will be on hand to give advice about organ donation at the event, part of the Be a Hero campaign, launched in 2015 by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

A campaign spokesperson said: "Be A Hero Day aims to put organ donation on the agenda and inspire as many Yorkshire residents as possible to consider and speak to family members about their organ donation wishes to lead to more transplants in the region".

"We all know that organ donation legislation will change in England and Scotland in future years but the harsh fact is people are dying right now waiting for an organ and it will still be important for people to know your decision".

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"We don't want people to die because of a fatal complacency that because you know you want to be an organ donor you presume your loved ones know it too".

Figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest that just 33 per cent of people living in the district have agreed to their organs being used for transplants after they die. Don't leave your family guessing what you would have wanted to happen. It's obviously a really hard time when you have just lost someone but if that person has said they want to donate then it makes the decision for the family a bit easier.

People aged over 50 are also less likely to join the register, because they mistakenly assume their organs are no longer healthy enough to donate. Only a small percentage of people die in circumstances where they can donate, so every donor is precious.

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