I'll take lie-detector test over unsigned article, says Mike Pence

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Pence denies discussing plan to remove Trump from power

Vice President Mike Pence says he's "100 percent confident" that no one on his staff was involved with the anonymous New York Times column criticizing President Donald Trump's leadership.

"I know them. I know their character", Pence said in a taped interview aired Sunday by CBS' Face the Nation.

The vice president says his aides are as dedicated as he is to advancing Trump's agenda. "If they are that senior administration official, that they're violating an oath, not to the president, but to the Constitution".

The US vice president told Sunday's edition of CBS' "Face the Nation" that he hasn't polled staffers about the opinion piece because "I know them. You don't know that and I don't know that".

Pence said he believes the denials from multiple Trump officials - cabinet officials and others - who've said they didn't write the New York Times piece, adding that the author "doesn't really know what happens in the White House".

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Pence said those accomplishments are possible "because we have a president of nearly boundless energy who comes in every day, regardless of what's happening in the Washington media culture, and says, 'What are we doing today to deliver for the American people?'"

Trump has dismissed Woodward's book as a "work of fiction" and the Times op-ed author as "gutless".

The vice president also disputed the veracity of one of the episodes reported by Bob Woodward in his new book, "Fear", in which the veteran journalist writes that Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn removed a document from the president's desk in September 2017 to stop him from signing it.

The Vice President added during an interview with Fox News Sunday that he would willingly take a lie detector test to prove he was not the article's author.

"What I see is a tough leader, a demanding leader, someone who gets all the options on the table", Pence said on Fox News.

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Trump has said the Justice Department should investigate and unmask the anonymous author.

"But he makes the decisions, and that's why we've made the progress we've made".

He cited national security concerns as grounds for what would amount to an extraordinary criminal probe should Attorney General Jeff Sessions decide to pursue one.

"Why does the president think it is a member of the national security team?"

"What are your plans to sit with an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller?". Asked by host Margaret Brennan whether anyone in the West Wing had discussed using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, CNN reports that Pence said: "No".

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