Black ‘Hair’ on Your Tongue? Here’s What That Could Be

Woman suffers from 'black hairy tongue' after car accident

Missouri news: Woman wakes up with ‘HAIRY TONGUE’ following horror car crash | Daily Star

A 55-year-old woman was taken to the hospital after she sustained serious crash injuries to both legs as a result of a vehicle crash.

It refers to tiny nubbins on the tongue, called papillae, that have grown longer and turned black.

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The woman made a full recovery in four weeks once doctors adjusted her medication. Within a week, she reported nausea and a bad taste in her mouth - and her tongue appeared to be carpeted in a disconcerting black fuzz, photos from the report show.

'Black hairy tongue is a benign condition characterized by hypertrophy and elongation of filiform papillae on the surface of the tongue, with brownish-black discoloration, ' the New England Journal of Medicine report said.

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The woman's condition was caused by changes in the normal bacteria or yeast content in her mouth following the antibiotic cure. This gives the tongue a furry appearance. While these conditions may not always be specifically determined, some possible causes include poor oral hygiene, excessive alcohol use, tobacco use, dry mouth, excessive consumption of coffee or black tea, antibiotic use, consuming a soft diet, and regularly using mouthwash with oxidizing agents such as peroxide. The reasons why it happens are still unclear, according to the 2015 review, so scientists still don't exactly know how antibiotics or other factors may trigger the condition.

If your tongue starts to look suspiciously black and hairy, he added, don't panic, and "check with your primary doctor, because some other conditions can resemble this". Earlier studies indicate that it can occur in 0.6% to 11.3% of the population.

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In fact, the name of the disease "black hairy tongue" is very vaguely corresponds to the symptoms of the disease. She was given different medications and the problem disappeared after about four weeks.

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