Mother Sues over Death of Toddler Released from US Immigration Detention

Yazmin Juarez claims her daughter Mariee died after getting sick in ICE custody

Yazmin Juarez claims her daughter Mariee died after getting sick in ICE custody

The child died of respiratory failure two months later, after she was held at the facility for 20 days and didn't receive the necessary medical treatment, Juarez's lawyer, R. Stanton Jones, said. Border agents apprehended Yazmin Juarez, 20, and 19-month-old Mariee in March after they entered the US seeking asylum.

According to Vice News, Mariee began to develop a cough and had a fever that reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). The baby's health improved, but then worsened until she and her mother were released. Ten days after they arrived, Mariee had lost two pounds (almost 1 kilogram), nearly 8 percent of her body weight.

Mother and daughter were flown to New Jersey on March 25, according to the notice.

Later that day, Mariee was admitted to the emergency room, but it was too late: she was diagnosed with viral bronchiolitis and tested positive for adenovirus and parainfluenza 3, according to the claim. The child had to be hospitalized and transported to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

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May 10, the baby was bleeding, which led to irreversible brain damage and organs. She died shortly afterward.

Advocates for immigrants have long complained about problems with accessing medical care in immigration facilities like the one at Dilley, one of two family detention centers in Texas.

A mother and her lawyers allege that ICE and those running an immigration facility in Texas provided substandard medical care for her toddler, who died six weeks after they were released. Juarez was told by one of the mothers that the boy became ill upon arriving at Dilley and was denied medical care.

"It's reasonable care", said Dr. Ewen Wang, associate director of pediatric emergency medicine at Stanford University Medical Center. She was seen by a pediatrician who tried to open her lungs because she was having difficulty breathing but was sent home with instructions for Yazmin to monitor her symptoms in case they got worse, according to the claim.

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Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Commissioner Hank Whitman had pleaded for information about the alleged incident during a Texas House of Representatives committee hearing on August 9.

"U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) takes very seriously the health, safety and welfare of those in our care".

ICE officials released a statement that says it provides comprehensive medical care to everyone in its custody; however, they did not specifically elaborate about the child in question.

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