Netflix sets the record straight over plans to introduce ads

Netflix is testing ads and people are freaking out

Updated: Netflix is Testing Ad Between Episodes

Netflix is now the latest service to experiment with in-show ads, disrupting users' binge-watching sessions with commercials for its own shows.

According to a report from, it looks like Netflix is testing new ads to promote other shows and movies on the streaming service.

This is not the first time Netflix has tested preroll "trailers" as Netflix likes to call them yet all of our readers and Reddit users have called them ads. Yes, that's correct, going further users might see ads in between their favorite show on Netflix.

Introducing ads on the platform might make subscribers reconsider paying their monthly fee. The ads played are full-screen videos and are personalized as per the user featuring content which Netflix would have suggested the user otherwise on the platform's interface such as on a row of recommendations.

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'Hey @netflix I can tolerate the ads at the top of my list of shows but between every episode I watch is getting stupid, ' chimed in a user.

We reached out to Netflix in an attempt to determine just how many users are affected and other details about this brazen attempt to mess with our streaming bliss, but received no response as of press time.

We haven't personally witnessed this yet, but a reddit thread is fired up about the test - With several users voicing their anger and frustration. They also noted that the commercial had a timer in the corner, like YouTube ads, but at no point could they choose to skip it.

Tech website Ars Technica reports that initial sightings of the ads began to crop up on the Netflix Reddit community during the week and that users in America and the United Kingdom seemed to have been included in the test.

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They claimed it conducts hundreds of tests per year, most of which aren't adopted.

"We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster", said Netflix. Not that long ago Netflix tested simular pre-roll ads that could not be skipped only to later make the ads skippable. They can be skipped.

In other words, Netflix seems to believe that actions and advertising clicks are more material than social media complaints from their customer base.

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