Students recreate Hiroshima devastation in virtual reality

US used Hiroshima atomic bomb victims as ‘guinea pigs’ survivor tells RT

Hiroshima Marks 73rd Anniversary of Nuclear Attack

The mayor called on the Japanese government to lead the global community towards "dialogue and cooperation for a world without nuclear weapons".

'I truly appreciate Bangladeshi people who show sympathy to the victims and express strong message for peace, ' he said in a message marking the Hiroshima Day that falls on August 6.

Over two years, a group of Japanese high school students has been painstakingly producing a five-minute virtual reality experience that recreates the sights and sounds of Hiroshima before, during and after the USA dropped an atomic bomb on the city 73 years ago Monday.

World leaders "must strive to make the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons a milestone along the path to a nuclear-weapon-free world", he said at a lecture and discussion event on the 1945 USA atomic bombing of the western Japan city.

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Survivors of the bombing known as hibakusha were also in attendance at the annual ceremony.

As in the previous year, he stopped short of mentioning the nuclear weapons ban treaty, only saying that a gap has emerged among countries over how to advance nuclear disarmament. "I want Japan to work toward eliminating nuclear weapons", Ota added.

The anniversary comes as optimism has grown that North Korea may voluntarily denuclearize after Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and his United States counterpart, President Donald Trump, made statements implying as much after they met in Singapore in June. Japan, which hosts United States troops on its land and is covered by the USA nuclear umbrella protecting it from attack, has not signed the treaty.

Japan has largely maintained a hard line on Pyongyang, in particular pushing for movement on citizens abducted decades ago by North Korean agents.

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The US attack on Hiroshima ultimately killed more than 140,000 people; the bombing of Nagasaki ended another 70,000 lives three days later.

In order to gain cooperation, Abe said, world leaders must understand "the reality of the tragedy of nuclear attacks", and reiterated Japan's pledge to maintain its pacifist and nonnuclear principles. The bombings, the first atomic attacks on humans, closed World War II and opened the nuclear age.

For example, the Imperial Japanese Army's notorious Unit 731, which was based in the Pingfang district of Harbin, the largest city then in northeast China, was set up around 1936 and conducted vivisection experiments on live human beings to test germ-releasing bombs and chemical bombs, among other criminal atrocities.

The Center will host Never Again, a commemoration of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings on Thursday, August 9 at 7 p.m.

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Barack Obama became the first sitting USA president to visit Hiroshima in May 2016.

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