Google Maps Starts Sharing Phone Battery Life When Users Share Their Location

Google Maps развеял расхожее представление о Земле

Followers of the “theory of the flat Earth” used a Google map as proof

Google added location sharing to Google Maps a year ago, helping solve the problem of guessing how long it'll take for you to arrive at a restaurant (and whether your friends should go ahead and order without you).

This update was originally reported by Android Police back in February but TechCrunch reports it's now rolling out to both Android and Apple iPhone devices.

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Google has quietly updated its location sharing feature in Google Maps, including details that might calm your friends and family's fears if you suddenly disappear from the map.

In brief: Friends and family can now view your smartphone's remaining battery life if you decide to share your location via Google Maps.

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Google is addressing that uncertainty today. Like your location, your phone's power level is shown in real time, so they can see if the Global Positioning System is draining it rapidly. Now, the feature will also share your phone's battery status when location sharing is enabled. There also doesn't appear to be a way to turn it off. Now click on the "Get Started" button and then select the app through which you wish to share your location link.

While the ubiquitous presence of Google is definitely something to be anxious about - George Orwell himself couldn't have imagined the extent to which it knows things about every single aspect of our lives (BECAUSE THEY LISTEN TO OUR EVERY WORD AND WATCH US THROUGH OUR WEBCAMS) - we have to hand it to them for this marvellous little bit of trolling.

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The new feature will help you keep an eye on your friends and relatives and make sure they're safe. The Explore tab, meanwhile, also gained new features, and Google promised better suggestions that are tailored to each user by turning to AI and personalization in its recommendation engine.

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