Teen infested with hookworm parasite while playing on beach

Hookworm foot

Teen infected with hookworms could 'feel the worms moving in his body,' mom says

Days later, bumps appeared on his leg and gaping wounds had encompassed his right foot.

It wasn't until they developed cutaneous larva migrans, the skin condition marked by a telltale red, winding rash, that doctors diagnosed them with a hookworm infection.

In the USA and Canada, the medications can be expensive: Mulhollen Dumas says her son is taking an antibiotic and two anti-parasitic drugs, including one that has cost her more than US$1,300, even with her insurance coverage.

Six out of 17 people traveling with her son were infected with hookworms, the teen's mom said.

Since returning home, Michael has been in pain and visited a pediatrician four times, as well as a dermatologist.

A Tennessee teen and several other people visiting a Florida beach have been infected with hookworms.

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People living in warm and moist climates where there are poor sanitation practices are at risk of hookworm infection, the Center for Disease Control writes on its website.

"He was buried in the sand for fun and it has become our nightmare", she posted on Facebook, with graphic images of her son's inflamed skin.

Michael was not the only one in his group to have been infected. They said this incident is something they are investigating.

Dermatologists have even tried to freeze the worms. Moreover, he has to soak the afflicted body areas in bleach water.

In the same post, Kelli wrote that her son is still in pain more than a month after the trip and said she wants to warn other parents about the parasites.

"While she was using the liquid nitrogen, he could actually feel the worms moving in his body", Dumas said.

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She added that he now can not wear shoes and needs to soak the infected area in bleach water every day.

Kelli posted a series of pictures on Facebook on Friday, July 20, detailing the progress of her son's infection and also spreading awareness among other people by telling them to wear footwear while in public places.

'He is in pain and this is very bad. "Never be buried in sand or allow your children to be either".

However, Pompano Beach spokesperson Sandra King told the Sun-Sentinel, "We haven't heard from anyone, not any resident, not the health department".

"She explained to me that everyone knows you're supposed to wear shoes on the beach", Kelli said.

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