Woman Unknowingly Drives 'Stolen' Car for 2 Weeks

An Ontario Woman Stole A Car By Mistake And Didn’t Realize For 2 Weeks

Fobbed off: woman accidentally steals car for two weeks after key mix-up

The woman, a local herself, wasn't a repentant vehicle thief, but merely confused and possibly in a rush on the day she rented a auto - a black Nissan Sentra - and drove straight to Walmart to do a little shopping.

When a auto is stolen, it's atypical for anyone to laugh about it - the seriousness of what has been stolen, including what is possibly inside the vehicle, doesn't elicit a humorous response.

Since the Infiniti owner had reported his auto stolen, the police were able to track him down and return the vehicle.

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"She drove around and did her daily business in this stolen vehicle for two weeks", MacKay said. When she returned, she was able to unlock a black auto from among a sea of black vehicles and hence assumed it was her rented auto. The owner said he had ducked into Walmart and returned to find his auto missing from the parking lot, according to police. Both vehicles had keyless starters, and the owner of the QX50, an elderly man, had apparently left his own in the auto. "For the next two weeks, the woman drove around and used the black vehicle for her regular everyday activities", the police said. The rental auto manager examined the woman's keys and noted that, in fact, she had rented a Nissan Sentra, while the keys in her possession belonged to a Nissan Infiniti. Yes, the cops were involved, but luckily, they chose not to arrest or press charges against the woman.

That car's owner had also been shopping in Walmart before realising his vehicle had vanished. She informed the manager that she wasn't entirely happy with the vehicle.

They explained that for two weeks, the clueless woman "drove around and used the black auto for her regular everyday activities" and only realised something was wrong after returning to the rental company to return the vehicle. There sat the Nissan Sentra, exactly where the woman had parked it two weeks earlier.

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In a lengthy Facebook post, the Cornwall Community Police Service warned motorists to never leave key fobs in cars when not in use. After they realized what had happened, the first thing they did was call the police.

The Manager asked the woman to retrace her steps, and when she took him to the Walmart carpark, lo-and-behold the Nissan Sentra was still sitting there.

How the mix-up happened is simple, both drivers left their keys in their vehicles.

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