Twitter Bigwigs Who Suffered Massive Loss of Followers After Cleanup

Why President Trump Just Lost Over 100,000 Twitter Followers

Big Twitter Accounts See Follower Numbers Drop After Fake-User Purge

Some of Twitter's most prominent users, including President Donald Trump, saw their follower counts decrease by hundreds of thousands of accounts.

The most followed Bollywood celebrities on Twitter namely- Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone are amongst the many famous personalities who have lost out on over Three lakh followers.

They specified that they would be removing locked accounts from follower counts across profiles globally, so we were to expect a drop in follower counts today.

President Trump's (@realDonaldTrump) account plunged by about 300,000 users, from 53.4 million to 53.1 million, according to the report.

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Twitter's move has cost its 100 most popular users about 2% of their followers, on average, according to social media data firm Keyhole. Perry, who had 110 million followers before the purge, now has 107 million followers.

Unilever was among the major companies that threatened in February to pull advertising from social-media services, including Twitter, because of a rise in hate speech, abusive content and fake news.

However, Vijaya Gadde, from Twitter's trust and safety team made it clear that most of these accounts still have real people behind them.

His predecessor Barack Obama gained 18,622 followers on Thursday and lost 2,357,631 on Friday. This week, the company said it will remove these from profiles, reducing the number of followers users have.

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"Over the years, we've locked accounts when we detected sudden changes in account behavior", Gadde explained.

The initial cleanup, still in progress, has seen the number of followers of well-known celebrities and public figures dwindle.

Although those accounts were already unable to post to the site, once they're deleted, they will no longer show up as followers on other users' accounts.

And while Obama lost more followers than Trump, he also started out with almost double the follow count.

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Meanwhile, Twitter accounts across the globe saw a drop in their follower count as the micro-blogging site removed "locked accounts" - accounts which have not validated their ownership.

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