HTC Hopes You'll Pay $1,000 for its Blockchain Phone

HTC Exodus blockchain phone

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Taiwanese phone maker HTC announced the introduction of a blockchain powered device named Exodus.

The Exodus will feature a cold storage wallet to keep cryptocurrencies offline and safe from cyberattacks, and to support decentralized apps, Chen said.

However, HTC Exodus said (via its official Telegram channel) that the layoffs would not affect the blockchain smartphone project.

Moreover, the Taiwan-based company said that it wants to create a community of blockchain-based apps for its users, and CryptoKitties will be the first of many. But some experts do argue that if the market for blockchain phone does exit then HTC can succeed in cashing on first mover advantage through Exodus.

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The upcoming device bears the HTC "Exodus" codename, but details about it are covered in mystery and the only thing that we have about this phone is a blueprint drawing.

Prior to the launch, HTC partnered with popular blockchain title CryptoKitties.

The goal here, according to HTC's Chief Crypto Officer Phil Chen, is for HTC to become a "general blockchain asset marketplace".

More details about the HTC Exodus is expected sometime during Q3 2018.

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It should be able to store your encrypted data on the device instead of the cloud and also store your crypto wealth while giving you control of your private keys.

Making every phone a node of Ethereum and bitcoin for true decentralization, the handset will have a universal wallet and trusted and user-friendly user interface. "It is exciting to be the first to offer the opportunity to decentralize the Internet and reshape it in favor of the contemporary user ". HTC is hoping you'll say $1,000.

If HTC launches the phone as promised, it would jump ahead of their competitor, the Swiss startup Sirin Labs, which is also working on a similar gadget. The game will be heading to the HTC U12+ ahead of its arrival on Exodus.

On your smartphone, you can collect and display cryptococal as on the computer. One must assume that top of the line hardware will be an integral part of this blockchain smartphone, or HTC would have no chance at selling this device at all.

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