Instagram announces IGTV - a new app for watching long-form videos

Instagram launches IGTV app for creators 1-hour video uploads		
	Josh Constine

   	8 hours

Instagram launches IGTV app for creators 1-hour video uploads Josh Constine @ 8 hours

The concept competes with Google's YouTube. Instead of watching NBC or HBO, you'll be watching a friend or an Instagram star.

A dedicated IGTV mobile app will be made available for both iOS and Android - Instagram says it will be slowly rolled out "over the next few weeks". Anyone will be able to upload videos for Instagram's new IGTV section, which will display them full-screen and vertically, the way people naturally hold their phones. The IGTV app is easy to use and very basic. When you follow a creator on Instagram, their IGTV channel will show up for you to watch. Along with that, Instagram's also creating an entirely separate IGTV app that'll start playing videos as soon as you open it.

Systrom expects that eventually there will be no time limits on videos in IGTV.

Everyone loves vertical video, right? Try to turn your mobile to landscape mode and nothing will change. "Since then video has exploded, we've continued to build video experiences, and in 2016 we launched stories. which brings us to IGTV".

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Instagram notes on its new website promoting IGTV that mobile video content will make up for nearly 80% of all mobile data traffic within three years. It'll be interesting to see how reactive the company will be before taking down footage that doesn't respect the rules and regulations.

Instagram was launched just eight years ago.

While Facebook offers no detailed revenue breakdown, the research firm eMarketer estimates Instagram will generate $5.48 billion in net USA ad revenue this year, up 70.4 percent from last year and accounting for more than one-fourth of Facebook's net mobile ad revenue. So creators won't be able to monetize their videos with ads like on YouTube with Ad-Sense.

Now, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced on Wednesday that the company is launching a long-form video platform with the aim of targeting the kinds of online celebrity "creators" and fans who have always used YouTube as their platform.

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The Instagram app is loosening its restraints on video with a new channel that will attempt to lure younger viewers. The videos on IGTV are also limited to a vertical format. It has added around 200 million users each year for the past two years.

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