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Why won't Sony allow Fortnite cross play? Because of 'money' says former Sony boss, 'keep the pressure up this problem goes away'

PS4 blocks Fortnite Xbox and Switch cross-play because of ‘money’ says ex-Sony Online boss

That a former high-level Sony executive is commenting on this at all is somewhat surprising, but he genuinely seems to believe that with enough pressure, Sony will eventually cave and change its policy.

Today, an ex-Sony developer explained that the decision to block PlayStation 4 cross-platform play is all about the money.

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"Smedley posted a tweet saying "... when I was at Sony, the stated reason internally for this was money. It will be limited to PlayStation 4 titles for now, at least at first, but it will allow players to download titles they'd like to play later instead of having to stream them all. Those players jilted by not being able to use their Fortnite account on Switch are more likely to turn to PS4 once more, which is also where their existing group of friends will be. After cross-play was temporarily and accidentally enabled for Fortnite, Spencer more pointedly said he would have liked to see them leave it on.

The functionality will be limited to the PS4 for the time being, the report said. Sony issued a response to the backlash, but it didn't exactly assuage concerns. If you own Rocket League or Minecraft on Switch, you can play with your friends on Xbox One or PC, but not your friends on PS4.

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"With 79 million PS4s sold around the world and more than 80 million monthly active users on PlayStation Network, we've built a huge community of gamers who can play together on Fortnite and all online titles".

Let's face it, it isn't like we hadn't have figured this out ourselves. As long as you keep a PlayStation Now subscription, you can play them offline and at your leisure on your primary PS4, and with other accounts on the same system.

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