What Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump's body language reveals

Trump 'Felt Foolish' for Threatening North Korea But Says He 'Had No Choice'

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While this was Kim Jong-un's first such meeting in front of a pool of photographers and worldwide journalists, he appeared to be very at east in the situation while both he and Donald Trump seemed to embrace the positive spirit of the moment.

Trump also recognized on Tuesday during a press conference that he could potentially be wrong about trusting Kim.

Mr Trump discussed the contents of his and Chairman Kim's meeting and said that the North Korean leader fully understood that he had to denuclearise and that he "didn't fight it". Toward the end of the meeting.

"I only consider it successful if it gets done", Trump said Wednesday night on "Special Report".

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During the one-on-one, Mr Trump defended his previous approach in handling Kim, which saw the United States president ridicule the North Korean leader for having a smaller "nuclear button" than him.

"You know, we spend probably 25 percent of our time talking about Russian Federation and I said wouldn't it be better if they were here", Trump said.

Trump himself addressed the video Tuesday and played it for reporters, noting it was brought to Singapore on an iPad.

Those takes from two senators who are hawks and allies of President Trump - Cotton is probably the senator closest to the president and certainly Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's closest friend in Washington - mean much more than all pundits' views combined.

Trump And Kim Jong Un Share Historic Handshake
On the way forward, Pompeo said, "I don't know exactly what the timing will be for our next conversation with the North Koreans". Donald Trump waved as he walked down a red-carpeted staircase and got into a limousine.

Still, Trump's desire for dominance was on display. "I showed it to them today. It was never on the table", Trump said. I also like the way it uses the famous night-time photograph in which North Korea is dark, showing the lights suddenly coming on in Kim chooses the path of peace and cooperation. This contrasted with Kim, who had comparatively less to lose, having already scored a major win through Trump's agreement to meet him.

Kim's first major interaction with the worldwide community also betrayed a sense of awe and wonder as he faced the rapid fire shutters of photographers in the opulence of the Singapore luxury hotel where the meeting took place.

"Kim looked a bit like a kid in a theme park: not intimidating, excited and a bit nervous", Pease added.

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