MAN Faces His Greatest Enemies In New E3 2018 Trailer

E3 2018: See all the best from Sony's showcase

E3 2018: Ghost of Tsushima is a samurai slasher for Sony's PS4

The new footage demonstrates a prison riot in the legendary Marvel prison The Raft, along with a who's who of Spider-Man's rogues gallery, including Electro, Scorpion, Vulture, Mr Negative and Rhino.

E3 2018: See all the best from Sony's showcase
New Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer Brings the Baddies

Straight from Sony's PlayStation Showcase at E3, Sony and Insomniac Games have released an extended gamely trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man, the PlayStation 4 exclusive that's now in development. In addition to the trailer for the new Spider-Man game, the company also showed off some other high profile titles. A lot of that comes down to developer Insomniac Games nailing the swinging mechanics.

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My demo ended with an epic boss fight against perennial Spidey villain Shocker, which consisted of an ebb-and-flow of dodging his charged electricity attacks, tossing debris at him to lower his shield, and going in for a few punches. After an intermission as journalists were shuffled into a different room (during which we saw e.g. a recap of games Sony had already announced), we got a shakuhachi performance, similar to The Last of Us II having a banjo perfomance from Gustavo Santaolalla before its gameplay earlier. That not only looked disconnected, but it made the swinging action feel limp and tiresome. It was one of the most exhilarating actions in any game up to that point, and it should have been a formula that Activision and Treyarch could have repeated for years.

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We can't wait to get our hands on this game. It takes the swinging and physics of Spider-Man 2 and improves them in every way. Since then, the alternate-reality version of Peter Parker has kept a relatively low profile.

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Either way, the epic trailer has done everything it can to ensure that we'll all want to be there day one when the adventure begins.

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