Britain says hopes US will honor G7 commitments on trade

U.S. President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a working session at the G-7 summit in Quebec Canada

Twitter despairs as Trump blames Canada for White House burning during War of 1812

The president also repeated claims that Canada overtaxes American dairy products under its supply management system and complained about Canadian automobiles flooding the US market. "They're also anxious about the retaliatory measures that we will take". The source did not say Trump explicitly said he wanted all German-made cars out of the US. During the press conference, Trudeau called the meeting a success but pledged to retaliate against American tariffs. "It's very important, the progress we have made with the G-7... collectively working on our defense, improving the lot of all of our citizens, better trade agreements".

The prime minister confirmed the European Union will impose "countermeasures" in response to the American tariffs, which she said "ultimately makes everyone poorer".

"Look, as a guy that believes in heaven and hell, I would never use those terms ever", he told CNN's Kate Bolduan on "At This Hour" on Monday. Trump said in a second tweet.

But, the USA president shot back with an attack on European nations' contributions to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, as he again espoused his "America First" slogan.

"So, my question is, how meaningful is this consensus if the president is making these kinds of threats on his way out of town?".

TAPPER: So, because Trudeau said that as Trump was going to Singapore. "Patriots do not stand mute when our country is in jeopardy, no matter what party occupies the White House". "We must put the American worker first!" I mean we have China where this is completely different because tariffs are a national security issue.

Trump adviser says Trudeau 'stabbed us in the back' at G7 summit
The calamitous summit ended in disarray after Trump broadsided his allies by disavowing a joint statement the U.S. had agreed to. They didn't tell you that, did they? The actions of Trump have been severely criticised by French President Emmanuel Macron .

The potent brew of indignation and patriotism among Canadians at the president's bully tactics has produced conditions ripe for a Boycott America backlash. "So, how seriously do you take that threat and does that change your plans to go ahead with the retaliatory tariffs?"

Trudeau said he told Trump directly that Canada "particularly did not take lightly the fact that [the tariffs were] based on a national security reason".

The US leader is at loggerheads with the rest of the G7 over his controversial 25 per cent steel tariffs.

Mulroney, who has a personal relationship with Trump and has been quietly advising the prime minister on how to deal with the mercurial US president, likened Trump's weekend tirade to "serious summer squalls".

The White House initially said that Trump's meeting with Trudeau was "great" and the leaders were "close to a deal" on trade.

"So, he holds a press conference", Kudlow said of Trudeau.

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TAPPER: So, this was about North Korea? He said US representatives will examine the tariffs on automobiles coming into the country and bemoaned the Canadian tariffs that affect American companies and farmers.

Trump's attacks have Canadian businesses that use aluminum and steel very anxious, said Ontario Conservative MP John Brassard, who added that there is real concern that there will be serious job implications in very short order.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow and trade adviser Peter Navarro drove the message home in an extraordinary assault on a close USA ally and neighbour.

Kudlow said, "That's correct".

- The Prime Minister's Office responds by saying Trudeau didn't say anything he didn't previously say in public and private conversations with Trump.

The House of Commons voted unanimously to condemn the attacks on the government by Trump and economic advisers Larry Kudlow and Peter Navarro, who said on television Sunday "there is a "special place in hell" for Justin Trudeau - the most preposterous assault on a Canadian politician since former foreign minister John Manley was burned in effigy in the West Bank for agreeing to Palestinian refugees resettling in Canada". - "Let's be clear: These tariffs are totally unacceptable..."

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