Flying car startup backed by Google founder offers test flights

Flying car: Google founder Larry Page-backed firm develops sci-fi vehicle | Daily Star

Larry Page-funded Kitty Hawk shows off single-seat flying machine

Created as an FAA CFR Part 103 Ultralight the Kitty Hawk Corporation does not require a licence for the pilot or registration for the aircraft.

Kitty Hawk revealed its first vehicle previous year.

However, the craft that was recently unveiled-not too long after the Larry Page-backed company caused a stir last month when it revealed its Cora flying taxi-looks light-years ahead of the original example, mostly due to its sleek new bodywork and rows of propellers (10 in total) mounted on top of struts that extended from the vehicle.

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A flying vehicle project has unveiled a model that can be taken for test flights by potential buyers. Since then, the Flyer has received an update, and it's now open for test flights for people interested in placing preorders. The company said it's the first step in making flying "part of everyday life".

For safety reasons, the Flyer is being tested exclusively over water at a facility in Las Vegas.

The Flyer, a recreational and lightweight aircraft, has been advertised as needing only an hour's-worth of training before pilots are ready to fly.

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The Flyer is powered by lithium polymer batteries and provides a fully stabilised flight experience by utilising data from multiple smart sensors to make flying intuitive and easy, says the official website.

Dave Clark, Flyer's director of strategic development, says on the company website that he "hopes to free people from traffic". The Flyer has 10 motors and just two control sticks, which Crane said were easy to master. "Will people be willing to fly on these devices, be willing to live next to these devices like this?"

No price as yet but they do have a Founder Flyers group that you can apply online to join. "That's why opened this training facility in Lake Las Vegas - we're here to learn from you, to see your reaction".

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