Police officer stops ex-cop who delivered him 27 years ago

New Jersey state trooper pulls over retired cop who delivered him in his own home 27 years ago

Trooper pulls over cop who delivered him 27 years ago. So did he ticket him?

A routine traffic stop reunited a New Jersey state trooper with the now-retired police officer who helped his mother deliver him as an infant.

Trooper Michael Patterson had stopped the motorist, Matthew Bailly, for a minor motor vehicle violation on Friday, when Bailly told him that he was a retired officer from the Piscataway Police Department, according to a statement by New Jersey State Police.

The retired officer told Patterson he knew the street because 27 years ago he helped deliver a baby on that street. "He goes as far as describing the house that I grew up in and then he said the baby's name was Michael, so I extended my hand and said - sir - my name is Michael Patterson, thanks for helping to deliver me", he said.

The experience had stayed with Mr Bailly to the extent that he was able to describe details of the house, and even recalled the baby's name - Michael. "Thank you for delivering me".

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A New Jersey State Trooper stops hundreds of cars yearly.

The police department said: "Trooper Patterson, Matthew Bailly, and both of their families were ecstatic about the reunion".

Interest piqued, Bailly asked the trooper where he grew up.

Bailly was pulled over for tinted windows, according to CNN.

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A Facebook post about the chance meeting has amassed nearly 9,000 shares but the main question on people's minds was - did Mr Patterson issue Mr Bailly a ticket?

He did not get a ticket.

The two men talked some more and figured out that it was Bailly who brought the future-trooper into the world 27 years ago.

Bailly responded to a call that Patterson's mother, Karen Patterson, barely made it home after going into labor while out shopping. The date was October 5, 1991.

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The outlet reported that Patterson's mom was out shopping when she went into labor. After all, as a police officer, you don't always get a chance to have a moment like this with people you once helped in your career!

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