NASA looks at commercial side of International Space Station, seeks business partners

Soyuz MS-09 Takes New Crew to the International Space Station (+Photo)

Trio of astronauts blast off to international space station

Only 18 percent of respondents said NASA should send humans to Mars and even fewer think astronauts should return to the moon. In addition to the United States, other countries, such as Russia, Canada, Japan, and the European Union, participate in the International Space Station.

When it comes to political parties, 70 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning Americans believe that NASA is still vital in the future of the industry, but only 59 percent of the total Republicans and Republican-leaning Americans say the same. The big idea is less government and more private investment. Strong public support is widely shared across gender, generational, educational and political groups.

Kaala: Rajinikanth’s controversial remarks impact movie’s release in TN, Karnataka
Yesterday, the Karnataka High Court had asked the state to provide security to the theatres screening the film. Kaala is magnum opus directed by Pa Ranjith and produced by Dhanush under his banner Wunderbar Films.

A majority of Americans say NASA should remain a global leader in space exploration, but a recent Pew Research study looking at the public's perception of the USA space program find support for a human mission to the moon or Mars is low.

However, if NASA were to send expeditions into space, a majority of Americans say they consider it essential that humans, not exclusively robots, make the trip. Only 33 percent of American adults think private companies have the ability to ensure progress and explore the space, without National Aeronautics and Space Administration's help. Most Americans, 80 percent of them, displayed confidence that private companies will make a profit from space exploration. However, a great deal of Americans surveyed in the pool tend to be skeptical about whether private companies will minimize space debris.

Texas man severs rattlesnake, still gets bitten by head
Michael Halpert, a trauma surgeon at Christus Spohn Shoreline Hospital, said although dying from a snakebite is rare, it happens. Her husband quickly attacked the venomous snake with a shovel, cutting off the head. "He had to rip it off".

More than half of Americans say they would not be interested in going into space, citing cost, fear, and age or health concerns.

Monitoring key parts of Earth's climate system: 63% said it should be a top NASA priority; 25% said it should be an important but lower priority; and 11% said it is not too important or should not be done. "Indeed, on most issues regarding NASA and space exploration, there are no more than modest differences among the generational cohorts", Pew Research Center concluded.

USA embassy pulls more China staff over mystery illness
The Canadian government followed suit in April and directed the families of diplomatic staff in Cuba to return home. The State Department acknowledged the Lenzi incident late last month.

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