Woman diagnosed with cancer after HGTV appearance 'forever grateful' for eagle-eyed doc

ABC News

ABC News

Dr. Erich Voigt, a New York-based ear, nose and throat surgeon from NYU Langone Health, used social media to get the message to McGuinness that she needed to get a sonogram and a biopsy.

Even as he didn't know the woman's last name, the doctor refused to ignore the symptom and made a decision to track her down.

"The woman was notified by people who saw my post, fantastic power of Facebook!".

"I was relaxing after a day of work, watching handsome beach houses and day-dreaming", Voigt told the New York Post. "She needs a sonogram and fine needle biopsy", Voigt posted on his Facebook page.

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"I have gone through a lot these past couple of years, and never expected to have to be a two-time cancer survivor, but without you keeping a vigilant eye and watching that show, who knows how long I would have gone on without that being checked", she told Voigt. "I felt obliged and sort of guilty, like I should let her know", he said.

A woman appeared on the show called "Beachfront Bargain Hunt" on HGTV little knowing that one of the viewers of the show will help her get diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. McGuiness says she is now undergoing treatment and plans to stay in touch with Dr. Voigt.

"She was unaware that she had a mass", Voigt wrote in another post on June 3.

McGuinness is scheduled to meet with doctors at Duke late this week to discuss the next step in her treatment process.

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McGuinness has actually had a serious run-in with cancer before, as she was diagnosed with a stage four brain tumour back in 2015.

"Awesome power of Facebook and good people!"

"It's just a miracle, in my opinion, that he happened to see this on television", McGuinness told ABC News.

Nicole recently met Dr Voigt for the first time on Good Morning America.

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However, on occasion, doctors will go above and beyond the call of duty and will use their expertise to help people whenever and wherever they can. In this photo, a doctor speaks to a patient as a sphygmomanometer, or blood pressure meter, lies on his desk in Berlin, Germany, Sept. 5, 2012.

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