Apple's software improvements could make AR as universal as iOS

WWDC 2018 attendees line up outside the San Jose Mc Enery Convention Center

WWDC 2018 attendees line up outside the San Jose Mc Enery Convention Center

While apps like this already exist, having it built into iOS 12 is definitely a useful feature.

Numerous updates had a particular focus on performance, stability and incremental changes. During the keynote, Apple said that it noticed up to 70 percent performance improvements on an iPhone 6 in certain scenarios. According to Apple, this will not be the case.

Apple Messages will be getting a lot more fun... if you have an iPhone X. There's also native podcast and background audio support.

Along with ARKit 2, Apple announced a new app called Measure that lets you measure objects and distances in augmented reality.

And a new sharing suggestions feature makes it easier to share photos with friends and family. These include new "competitions" within the Activity app, letting you challenge buddies to fitness duels and earn badges.

What's new for the iPhone and iPad in iOS 12? In fact, several of the new apps in macOS Mojave will use the system. "Adobe is looking forward to bringing Lightroom CC, our industry-leading photography service, to the Mac App Store in the next year", said Bryan Lamkin, executive vice president and general manager of Digital Media at Adobe. A new AR development kit introduces a multiplayer mode for AR games, improved face tracking, and 3-D object detection. The last feature means that up to four players can connect to each other share the same AR experience.

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Although adults will be able to extend the period, they can also prevent their children from being able to do so.

iPhone: The star of the show will be iOS 12.

This is a really neat feature for power users who want to get the most out of their phones, but we'll see how popular it is with the mainstream crowd who might find it too hard or time-consuming to set up. A new zero sign-on feature will detect if you're on your cable provider's broadband and automatically sign you in to apps that require a cable subscription. The photos would be shared in full-resolution and would be private with end-to-end encryption.

Siri intelligence can suggest an action at just the right time - whether it's to order a coffee in the morning or start an afternoon workout. Siri takes care of everything for you. IPhones depend on the App Store, but Apple developers had to make different apps if they wanted their offerings to work on Mac computers, too. The feature is clearly based on Workflow which Apple had acquired past year.

Before introducing this major change, Apple senior VP of software engineer Craig Federighi explicitly pointed out that this shouldn't be misconstrued as the "merging" of iOS and MacOS.

News has a new sidebar on the iPad. For example, while the iPhone and iPad Twitter app is regularly updated with the social network's latest features, the Mac version gets few updates and is widely considered substandard.

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The combination of the new Mac App Store and, eventually, iOS apps on macOS is a two-pronged attack on the problem, then. All your notes will also be synced across your iPhones and iPads via iCloud. This includes a revamped bookstore and a bigger focus on audiobooks.

With iOS 12, Siri will be able to automate your work routine, becoming an AI-powered business assistant that can help professionals achieve more efficiency and productivity. This way, if you do need to take a peek at your phone while you have Do Not Disturb on, you won't be tempted or distracted by the whole horde of notifications waiting for your return. With iOS 12, Apple is finally bringing support for third-party navigation apps to CarPlay as well.

So what's new? The Verge breaks down iOS 12 into a number of categories, which we'll list off briefly below. This lets users assign phrases to an app - which opens the app when the phrase is spoken. Apple said it was working on "new features and enhancements" to address the concerns, and in March added a new webpage to educate parents about existing controls.

With the ability to limit screen time offered on all the key platforms it's worth doing a compare and contrast. Well, Apple's Messages app will soon get an option to add artistic filters to photos, and the comic book filter seen at Apple's WWDC announcement, it's a dead ringer for Prisma. That's a huge deal, and it's just the tip of the iceberg for Apple's new iOS 12 release. Even better, it now supports up to 32 participants at once! The feature will also be making its way to the next version of macOS.

What do you think about iOS 12? Expect to be able to do so much more.

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