Experts Warn That Vaping Could Lead To Major Health Crisis

'Vaping is a one-way bridge to smoking tobacco'

Vaping A Gateway To Cigarettes For Youth, Experts Say, Want Flavors Banned

Dr Tom Ferkol, a co-author of the report from Washington University in St Louis, said the growth of e-cigarettes risked normalising smoking again and undoing years of progress in public health.

As a result, they are calling for an immediate ban on flavourings and on marketing e-cigarettes as lower risk alternatives to children and adolescents.

Following the same focus on nicotine use, the Forum's press release announcing the statement complained that "nicotine use is rising, and in many places this is driven by electronic nicotine delivery systems".

Electronic cigarettes have quickly evolved from a product that looked like old-fashioned tobacco cigarettes to sleek, new products that are attracting pre-teens and teens to try them.

Now a panel of lung experts from the Forum of International Respiratory Societies want flavours banned in a bid to crack down on vaping products. The release of this statement on World No Tobacco Day is in step with the World Health Organization's position on reduced-harm nicotine products, but opposed by many experts who want smokers to have access to safer alternatives.

"When we are talking about children and adolescents who are trying e-cigarettes for the first time, we should not be comparing their use to traditional cigarettes".

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The group states further that the assertion that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes does not mean that they are an acceptable substitute.

Additionally, an in-depth review of more than 800 studies on a wide variety of e-cigarettes published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in January 2018 determined that most e-cigarette products contain and emit a variety of potentially toxic substances, such as aldehydes and toxic metals including lead, cadmium and beryllium.

Kid should be banned from smoking e-cigarettes, according to a group of lung experts.

"Unrestricted marketing on social media and TV, fruit flavourings, cheaper prices and claims that e-cigarettes are "healthier than cigarettes" all make e-cigarettes very attractive to adolescents", Dr Marshall said. There are now more than 7,500 different flavoured e-cigarettes and refills available.

Regulation of e-cigarettes varies widely around the world.

"E-cigarettes are largely unregulated, particularly in low and middle-income countries".

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The adolescent brain is ultimately at greater risk of addiction due to an increased vulnerability to the rewarding effects of nicotine, said co-author Dr. Aneesa Vanker, a senior specialist in pediatric pulmonology from South Africa. Young people are at particular risk for this.

"Innhaling something other than air is never good for a child's lungs".

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'Sale of electronic cigarettes should be barred to youths worldwide.

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